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Specializing in Auto Hail Damage Repair Since 1991

Automotive Paintless Dent Repair Services

Are you tired of spending your nights and weekends worrying about dents & dings? With our help, you can rest easy and have peace of mind that your automobile is being taken care of. Auto Hail Zone is a paintless dent repair company headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO with catastrophe relief locations here. We are your one-stop shop for all things dents, including hail damage repairs, minor collision repairs, and more! We’ll carefully assess your vehicle and walk you through the hail damage repair process.

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair is a highly specialized method used to remove minor dents & dings from vehicles. The PDR process requires no fillers, paint or body shop work, therefore, preserving the factory paint warranty and less time for repairs for your vehicle to be in our repair facility. Learn more.

Hail Damage Repair

When a hail storm hits, avoiding hail damage is nearly impossible. Paintless Dent Repair is the preferred method of hail damage repair by insurance companies because it requires less repair times for their insured which means you’re back in your newly repaired vehicle in no time. Learn more.

Same-Day Appointments

Auto Hail Zone offers complimentary same-day assessments & hail damage repair appointments available for your convenience. Need us to come to you for an assessment? Call a location near you or schedule online for immediate assistance.

Paintless Dent Repair Shop

Dents don’t stand a chance.

Auto Hail Repair with PDR reverses the effects of a hail storm.
We are Mother Natures worst nightmare.

We know that experiencing hail damage to your vehicle is neither fun nor pleasant, which is why we are here for our customers every step of the way. Our team of professionals will personally walk you through every step of the auto hail repair process. From filing the initial claim with your insurance company to working alongside the insurance adjuster, Auto Hail Zone is here to make the entire repair process as pleasant and worry-free for our customers as possible.

No-Deductible. We will cover your deductible so you have ZERO out-of-pocket expense in getting your vehicle repaired.*
Complimentary Rental. If you find that you do not have car rental coverage, we will place you in a rental at our cost.**
Complimentary Valet. We offer valet pick-up and drop-off services at your home or workplace.
* Deductibles covered, up to $500 but may qualify for higher deductibles being covered, dependent upon the amount and type of damage.
** Rental coverage determined on a case by case basis.

Start the hail repair process with Auto Hail Zone.

Set up your complimentary hail damage inspection with ease. All we need to know is where you want your vehicle inspected and when you want us to come by. It’s that simple!

Auto Hail Zone Owner

Brian Moore, Auto Hail Zone Owner
& Certified PDR Technician

Locally owned & headquartered in
Colorado Springs, CO.

Brian Moore, Owner of Auto Hail Zone, I-CAR and Vale National Certified Master Craftsman Paintless Dent Repair Technician, has come a long way since opening his very first paintless dent repair shop back in 1991. Early on, when the paintless dent repair technique barely existed, Moore was one of the PDR techs to help facilitate the acceptance of paintless dent repair with insurance companies as a viable method of repair for auto hail damage. From shorter repair times to preserving the vehicles original paint warranty, Insurance Companies quickly realized how much quicker PDR was over a traditional auto body shop for dent repair. The amount of time they save on having their insured in a rental due to long repair times was enough to make them reconsider!

Locally owned, operated, and headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO since 1991,with PDR facilities in Edmond, OK and McKinney, TX. Auto Hail Zone continues to lead the way in quality paintless dent repair & paintless dent removal with our perfected skills and qualified team of professionals.


Great Company

Great Company! They contacted my insurance, repaired my husband’s F-250 like it had never been damaged. The insurance company wanted to cut his roof off but Auto Hail Zone got every single dent out, amazing people and work. Highly recommend to anyone with hail damage to their cars or trucks.

Cinndy Christy

Very helpful, great customer service…

Mrs. Kimberly and Mr. Moore were very helpful, great customer service, and friendly. The work done on my 1989 Nissan Silvia s13 hail damage was flawless!

Marq Marquez

Friday the 13th storms

I used these guys last year on two of my vehicles and again this year from Friday the 13th storms, paintless dent removal is the way to go! HIGHLY recommend Auto Hail Zone in McKinney. Thanks, Brian.

Mike Santori

Patrick Henderson

Took in our Escalade on a Saturday and got it back like new in 6 days. They covered the deductible and delivered it back to us without a dent on it, even removed our door dings. The owner is top notch! Thanks, Brian.

Patrick Henderson

J & G Green

Never had hail damage before which is surprising having lived in Colorado Springs for over ten years, but this company walked me through the process and took care of everything. They dealt with USAA’s initial estimate and filed the supplement for parts and hail damage insurance missed, arranged and took me to get my rental car, repaired my Lexus to brand new and they didn’t ask for my deductible. I will use them again if I get damage, husband and wife are very friendly and nice people.

J & G Green

Melissa Crane

The owners of Auto Hail Zone are amazing! I took my car in on Saturday and just picked it up and it’s flawless. I learned the owner, Brian M. has been doing PDR since it was invented. It is a local company, not one of those working from a tent and the nicest, most helpful people. I didn’t have to worry about paying the deductible, they offered me a rental they would cover but I had rental coverage with Progressive. I will never use any company that has a 1-800 or 1-855 with NO local number or is setup on a corner working from a trailer or tent, so done with that! Happy to say this company is great!

Melissa Crane

Sergio Guerrero

They went above and beyond providing 100% satisfaction!

Sergio Guerrero

Natalie Abts

Brian and Kimberly are so amazing! I have never filed a claim before and they helped inform me of the process. I had a rental reservation while my car was getting repaired. Kimberly drove me to the car rental place and made sure I was taken care of before she left. I was that annoying customer that called every couple of days checking up on my car. Brian and Kimberly were understanding and did not lose their patience with me. I highly recommend Auto Hail Zone! My car looks amazing (they even detailed it) and it cost less than what the car dealerships were saying it would cost. They do take USAA insurance and they worked great with them. Not that I want hail damage to my car again but if it were to happen again I would definitely take it back to them. If the insurance sends you the money to pay for your repairs, make sure to take it out and pay in cash. They do take cards but square takes a good amount when they take payment by card. They are truly wonderful people and I highly recommend them!

Natalie Abts

Mary Furlong

Auto Hail Zone did a FANTASTIC job on my car. It had little dimples from top to bottom, side to side, and now you would never know they existed. They dealt with the insurance when an adjustment had to be made, since it was raining the day the adjuster came to see the damage and he low-balled the claim based on what he could not see in the rain. Kim drove me where I needed to go to pick up my rental. All in all, Auto Hail Zone did a great job, made it really simple and easy for me, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else now. Thanks Brian and Kim!

Mary Furlong


The recent hail storm brought a lot of hail damage to both of my cars that were totaled by my insurance. I kept one vehicle my 2005 dodge ram and took it into Auto Hail Zone to see about getting an estimate. The owners are so friendly and helpful. I immediately felt comfortable and confident in what they were saying. They came out and instantly said that the dings were too deep and that paintless repair would not work and that I needed a body shop. I had taken it to other pop up places for estimates and was never told it was too deep which leads me to believe it would not have gotten done properly and I would have paid for nothing. I am so grateful to have found such an honest business. The owners are very helpful and answered all of me and my husbands million questions. They walked me around the truck showing me a few areas that could be repaired but most of them needed body work. I will definitely be recommending this place to any friends and family and will use them in the future. Check them out for your hail repairs first you won’t be sorry!


Theresa Canady

Kim and Brian did an amazing job on my vehicle after it sustained damage from the worst hail storm seen in Colorado Springs in 23 years. The turn-around time was great and the cost was fair and reasonable. Kim even gave me a ride to work when I dropped my car off! I highly recommend Auto Hail Zone to anyone needing vehicle repair! Theresa C.

Theresa Canady

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Colorado Springs Paintless Dent Repair & Auto Hail Repair FAQ

Auto Hail Zone FAQ

Find answers to your questions about paintless dent repair
and auto hail repair in Colorado Springs, CO.

I have exisiting hail damage from an earlier storm. Can't I just wait until the end of hail season to get my hail damage repaired in case I get hit again? In a perfect world, this absolutely makes sense but unfortuantely, waiting could eliminate the possibility of a viable repair with paintless dent repair, resulting in your hail damaged vehicle needing to go to a body shop with panels needing to be replaced, roof cut and replaced, hood replaced and eliminates the original manufacture warranty on your vehicles paint. Also, if you wait until the end of hail season to get your vehicle repaired, it may even total if it has been through more than one hail storm because hail on top of hail is not ideal for paintless dent repair, in most cases. We highly recommend you contact us and set-up an appointment after each hail storm and get an assessment of your damage, we can get you in immediately for repairs and will work directly with your insurance so you pay zero out-of-pocket.
How do I know if my hail damage can be repaired with PDR? Most auto hail damage can be repaired with PDR but there are some instances, like the August 6, 2018 hail storm in Colorado Springs, Auto Hail Zone saw baseball & softball sized hail literally punch holes through car panels and destroyed 90% of windshields. What we like to do is take a look at your hail damage to assess the damage, this usually takes about two to three minutes. We can look at your vehicle the same day you call. We can come to your work or home or you can or come by our repair facility. By doing this we will be able to tell if the damage can be repaired with paintless dent repair or be able to advise you of a local body shop that can get you scheduled for repairs.
Do you repair auto glass that has been damaged in a hail storm? Yes, we have partnered with locally owned and operated businesses that have accredited and certified glass repair technicians that come to our repair facility while your vehicle is being repaired and replace your damaged glass or you can schedule an appointment with their mobile services at a time that's convenient for you. From windshield repairs and replacements to auto hail repair, we’ve got you covered.
Do I have to choose a PDR company from my insurance companies "Preferred Body Shop For Repairs" list? No, you do not. The choice is yours. You, the insured, have the right to decide where you want to take your hail damaged vehicle to get it repaired. No insurance company can tell or steer you to their direct repair facility, by law, the choice is always yours, after all, it’s your vehicle so you get to decide what company you feel most qualified and comfortable with for your repairs.
Do I have to pay a deductible for auto hail damage repairs? It depends where you take your vehicle for your repairs. Your insurance company has contracted with several corporate body repair shops which are required to collect your deductible if you choose one of their DRP's, direct repair facilities. We have no contractual agreements with insurance companies but work with all insurance companies, which allows us to waive deductibles at our discretion.

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