Professional Auto Hail Repair in Colorado Springs, CO

Auto Hail Zone offers hassle-free auto hail repair. We specialize in hail repair which means we get your vehicle repaired properly and back to you quicker than a conventional body shop. We utilize the paintless dent repair method to ensure a seamless repair without paintwork issues or unnecessary delays.

We offer free vehicle pick up & delivery, same-day appointments and many of our customers pay nothing-out-of-pocket.

Colorado Springs Hail Storm

Colorado Springs Hail Experts

Auto Hail Zone knows how severe the hail storms in Colorado Springs can be. We also know how to repair the damage they leave behind.

Complete Hail Damage Repair - Colorado Springs, CO

100% Vehicle Restoration

We are the Colorado Spring hail repair experts. With over 25 years experience, we’ve seen and repaired more vehicles we can count.

Severe Hail Damage Repari Services

Complimentary Estimates

The first step after a hail storm is to file a claim with your insurance provider. Next, contact Auto Hail Zone for an estimate.

Auto Hail Repair Experts

Auto Hail Zone has a lengthy and successful record of auto hail repair. Automobile restoration using the Paintless Dent Repair technique is our specialty. PDR is the most effective and affordable method for dent removal in Colorado Springs, CO. From only a few dents and dings to hundreds of dents (usually caused by damaging hail storms), we can restore your vehicle to its pre-damaged state without disturbing the vehicles original factory paint finish.

Your Vehicle was Damaged in a Colorado Springs Hail Storm. What Next?

  1. Take pictures. It is always a good idea to document the damage by taking a couple of pictures. If you have a camera on your cell phone, the pictures you take will be stored with a timestamp and geolocation.
  2. Check your policy. If you carry comprehensive auto insurance, hail damage will NOT affect your rates. You will be expected to cover the deductible. If your auto hail damage quote is greater than your deductible, Auto Hail Zone offers a $500 instant rebate.
  3. File hail damage claim. Call your insurance company to start the hail damage claims process. You will be asked for your policy number, car make/model/year, the date of the incident, and where the damage occurred. Next, you will be assigned to a local Colorado Springs insurance adjuster.
  4. Schedule inspection with adjuster. Your initial hail damage claim will be followed up with a phone call from your local adjuster. The adjuster will schedule a time to access the hail damage. In most cases, they will come to you. If your vehicle was damaged in a hail storm that affected multiple households, you might be directed to a local “drive-thru” inspection tent. Next, you will be provided with a quote for repairs.
  5. Schedule your complimentary hail damage inspection at Auto Hail Zone.  We utilize lighting equipment that was designed specifically to locate dents and dings on vehicles. In most cases, we will locate additional damage that was not documented by your insurance adjuster. After the inspection, we can provide you with a comprehensive damage report and quote for repairs. We will also take the necessary steps to collect the additional funds needed to repair all of the damage.
Red Rocks - Colorado Springs, CO Hail Storm