Paintless Dent Repair FAQ’s

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Auto Hail Repair (4)

It depends where you take your vehicle for your repairs. Your insurance company has contracted with several corporate body repair shops which are required to collect your deductible if you choose one of their DRP’s, direct repair facilities. Because we specialize in repairing vehicles with PDR and are not considered a “body shop”, we have no contractual agreements with insurance companies and waive deductibles at our discretion.

Don’t worry, the metal on vehicles have a “memory” and certain flexibility, once the vehicle has been repaired with PDR, the metal comes back to pre-hail like condition and is restrengthened back to what it was before a hail storm. This is why we HIGHLY recommend that you do not wait until the end of hail season for repairs, each time you repair the hail damage on your vehicle, each storm after your repairs will be like getting hail damage on a new vehicle and we will continue to cover your deductible and help you with filing your claim and working with your insurance company once again.

We have partnered with Professional Auto Glass to take care of all of your hail damage repairs. From windshield repairs and replacements to auto hail repair, we’ve got you covered.

Most auto hail damage can be repaired with PDR but there are some instances, like the August 6, 2018 hail storm in Colorado Springs, Auto Hail Zone saw baseball & softball sized hail literally punch holes through car panels and destroyed 90% of windshields.

What we like to do is take a look at your hail damage to assess the damage, this usually takes about two to three minutes and we can look at your vehicle the same day you call or come by our repair facility. By doing this we will be able to tell if the damage can be repaired with paintless dent repair or be able to advise you of a local body shop that can get you scheduled for repairs.

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