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Usually, a hail damaged vehicle with too many dents to count will often be written by your insurance adjuster to replace a hood or cut and replace a roof. Don’t panic! If the damage is light but there are several dents, PDR can still repair the damage without replacing panels. Remember, your insurance adjuster writes initial estimates, they do not repair hail damage and most do not know what can be repaired with PDR, this is why we strongly recommend you always get a second opinion when an adjuster tells you your hood and roof need replacing. Why take your vehicle to an auto body shop and alter the safety of your vehicle or replace panels when PDR can save the original manufacturer warranty on your paint, does not require replacement of parts or panels and there is no need for BONDO, sanding, paint refinishing, etc.

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It depends where you take your vehicle for your repairs. Your insurance company has contracted with several corporate body repair shops which are required to collect your deductible if you choose one of their DRP’s, direct repair facilities. Because we specialize in repairing vehicles with PDR and are not considered a “body shop”, we have no contractual agreements with insurance companies and waive deductibles at our discretion.

When your insurance company “suggests” you go to their “Preferred Body Shop of Choice”, this only means one thing…you will be required to pay your deductible because your insurance company and the “Preferred Body Shop of Choice” they refer you to has a contractual agreement that requires the body shop to collect your deductible before they begin repairs.

“Preferred” does not mean better. Most paintless dent repair technicians have worked doing contract PDR work for “preferred” auto body shops, dealerships, and even other paintless dent repair shops at some time during their career.

Unfortunately, PDR technicians don’t get paid as they should when working for a “Preferred” shop. Because of this, most highly qualified and sought after PDR technicians won’t opt to work at a “preferred” shop full time.

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It depends on the severity of the hail damage. If there are holes or paint damage, you repair could require a replacement roof or hood panel. Also, if the damage on a roof or hood has extensive damage, the insurance company will always write “replace” but it’s not always necessary to replace a panel, if the hail is light and there are several small dents, PDR is the perfect solution. This is the main reason that insurance companies may write to replace your roof, hood or any other car panel rather than paintless dent repair on your estimate. The work you choose to have done on your vehicle is your choice and your choice alone. Be sure to ask the opinion of a paintless dent repair shop before making your final decision.

At Auto Hail Zone, we offer both repair & replacement services. If we know we can repair the hail damage with paintless dent repair, we will. If the panel is repairable with paintless dent repair, we always recommend to our customers to use PDR whenever possible.

Paintless Dent Repair saves your OEM parts, OEM paint and does not require parts or panels to use Bondo, sanding, paint refinishing, etc.

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In a perfect world, this absolutely makes sense but unfortunately, waiting could eliminate the possibility of a viable repair with paintless dent repair, resulting in your hail damaged vehicle needing to go to a body shop with panels needing to be replaced, roof cut and replaced, hood replaced and eliminates the original manufacturer warranty on your vehicles paint.

Also, if you wait until the end of hail season to get your vehicle repaired, it may even total if it has been through more than one hail storm because hail on top of hail is not ideal for paintless dent repair, in most cases.

We highly recommend you contact us and set-up an appointment after each hail storm and get an assessment of your damage, we can get you in immediately for repairs and will work directly with your insurance so you pay zero out-of-pocket.

If you have hail damage and you get hailed on again, it’s a more difficult claim to process.

Double Hail Damage = Reduced Chance For Repairs. For instance, let us say your vehicle was damaged in an early summer/late spring hail storm. The damage wasn’t severe or entirely noticeable but you can still see a few dents & dings left behind from the dime to nickel sized hailstones. Instead of filing a hail claim for the damage, you decide to wait because there is a possibility that it might hail again in the late summer. Sure enough, it hails again but this time the hailstones that fell from the sky were nearly quarter-sized. The result, massive hail damage. Hail damage upon existing hail damage. You call your insurance company to file a hail claim. The insurance adjuster comes out to inspect your hail damage. Unfortunately, because there was existing damage, the surface area of your vehicle has been severely weakened and there is essentially a layering of damage. They deem your vehicle unrepairable and leave you with a totaled title.

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