There are so many. Paintless dent repair is a faster, more efficient body repair method and less intrusive than conventional body repair. In addition, with PDR, your vehicle’s factory paint finish warranty remains unchanged because there is no need for sanding, body filler or paint matching. Your vehicle’s value and appearance are restored quickly and effectively.

Some other paintless dent repair advantages:

  • We do not fill the damaged parts.
  • We do not re-paint, this allows you to keep the original paint and avoid color differences.
  • Paintless dent repair is environmentally friendly, we do not use polluting materials which allows us to Go Green.
  • PDR offers time-saving differences over traditional car repairing, in some cases higher than 50%.
  • Because we are not an auto body shop, we are not required to collect a deductible and we work with all insurance companies.
  • With paintless dent repair, vehicle panels are restored – not replaced. This is one of the biggest benefits because the vehicles original manufacturers warranty stays intact.